Publication of seven new country profiles

In addition to the 12 market analyses already published by RETEch and GWP with a focus on the circular and water economy for the countries Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Cuba, Montenegro, Saudia Arabia, Serbia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, this year the countries Egypt, Albania, Armenia, Ghana, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia have been added. The current country profiles were carried out by the German Water Partnership e.V. and the German RETech Partnership e.V. as well as their member companies uve GmbH für Managementberatung, eclareon GmbH, Sachsen Wasser GmbH and BlackForest Solutions GmbH. Other member companies of both associations with experience in the respective countries were significantly involved as authors: Andreas von Schoenberg Consulting, cyclos GmbH, GITEC-IGIP GmbH, GODUNI International Advisory Board, Indus Media UG, INTECUS GmbH, Ramboll Deutschland GmbH, Tilia GmbH and Urban Waters.

INTECUS was responsible for the country and waste management part of the country profile for Egypt. The creation of the seven country profiles was supported by the “Export Initiative Environmental Technologies” of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. The “Environmental Technologies Export Initiative” funding program is intended to support SMEs in particular in the internationalization of their “green” technologies. Thus, the knowledge and application of environmental and climate protection technologies as well as innovative green infrastructure will be disseminated and strengthened in target countries. The full country profiles are now available for download at the link below.