Study on energy efficiency in building materials recycling published

The Leibniz Institute for Ecological Spatial Development (IÖR) and INTECUS GmbH funded by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) have conducted an exploratory study on the topic of energy efficiency in building materials recycling. The aim of the present study was to extend the quantity-oriented investigations on resource conservation potentials to include energy considerations and to develop an investigation approach for this purpose, with which important building products can be synoptically presented and compared with regard to their energy input during recycling. The exploratory study successfully revealed knowledge gaps and problem areas. For example, the presumption that transportation makes a significant and non-negligible contribution to the energy input of recycling and primary material recovery has become more firmly established. Since the information and data situation here is still very precarious, it is recommended that further research be conducted. Basically, the investigations have again made clear that recycling must be further promoted against the background of resource conservation goals and that the necessary basic conditions should be further improved.