Back from the tandem tour through the eastern USA

From July 5 – October 7, 2013, Bernd Bilitewski and Karin Hänel’s tandem tour took them from Bangor, Maine to Key West, Florida.
After 4,770 km along the east coast of the USA on the “East Coast Greenway” they are back healthy and well-trained. Seven kilograms lighter and 26 broken spokes in the rear wheel, and a total of four flat feet and four new rear tires, the bike ride was very relaxed. The American drivers were very considerate and helpful.
Temperatures were a bit high for cycling at around 30°C, but the breeze from the sea often made the ride bearable.
Hospitality, good food and dedicated cycling clubs and stunning nature are the unforgettable experiences of the tour.
Some photo impressions can be viewed under “PDF download”.